We help companies to create a thriving and sustainable future by using technical and creative tools. We identify the solutions that determine the future of the business and define the strategy to achieve the most competitive and sustainable objective. We link embedded sustainability with business through eco-innovation to offer a better value proposition.



We devise products and services by studying and analyzing their life cycle. We use ecodesign and circular economy methodologies, providing the most viable solutions. We adapt business models and redirect them to new contexts (circular business models). We develop industrial processes based on remanufacturing and product-service systems (PSS).




We seek to reduce the production of waste through strategies of minimalist design and ecodesign, searching for compostable materials and upcycling processes. We find ways to reuse existing materials where possible and we promote the manufacture of long-life products.





Dawamoru Fernández Urdangarin

Im a serial entrepreneur. I have been creating companies and projects since childhood. I created my first sustainable fashion company at the age of 20, which gave me more on-the-job training than MBA ever could. For 12 years I dedicated myself to design and looking for fibers, processes and materials that respected the environment. I was also involved in the distribution and promotion of my products, while traveling the world. At the same time, I have been a freelance consultant for NGOs on issues related to responsible consumption, food sovereignty and social entrepreneurship.
Among other things, I led a women’s company where we organized events with an environmental focus. I wrote the first book about wild edible resources and neosustainability in Spanish. I currently run a small tourism company where I manage minimalist accommodations aimed at zero waste and gastronomy-tours that adhere to the Slow Food philosophy.

I have a strong belief that business and sustainability can be aligned to promote a thriving and more conscious future.

In my free time I am an open water swimmer, yogini and yoga instructor, permaculture gardener, a wild food forager, a foodie and more than anything I am a ninja of the Zero Waste lifestyle.

Aitor San Francisco Lasa

I’m an industrial engineer, and entrepreneur who is doing a PhD on the circular economy.
I have worked as an eco-innovation consultant, doing eco-design studies in CAF and Haiku-Futon. I have collaborated with Greenize and Ekozone start-ups, giving them technical support and have been managing methodologies in remanufacturing processes with ACEDE. I have also worked with Motorlan-Fagor Automation, Emmaus FS, Gureak, Orkestra and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. I co-founded and was a coordinator of the open innovation group CircularHub.

I am an advocate of sustainability both on a day-to-day basis and in organizations. I understand sustainability as an integral part of policy and not as something that should be addressed in a separate departure

From my background as an engineer and my convictions about sustainability, I was motivated to create Bilibin. I am excited by the possibility of combining sustainable services with high quality design.
In my spare time, I love to cook and eat high quality food. I also enjoy music, doing sculpture and writing poetry. Sports-wise, I’m a passionate open water swimmer and cyclist.